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Our digital curriculum for schools is here.

Designed from the ground-up for school districts who are investing in iOS technology for the classroom.


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"Your use of studio as classroom, technology as teacher is exactly what we need to maintain music as a vital part of the curriculum."

"Many people work in other professions who can work alongside other teachers... They need a passion for a particular discipline and a passion for sharing their enthusiasm with children.

Neil Johnston is one such person. Neil engages students at an exceptional level, whether they are interested in music or not."


Sir Ken Robinson



iBand Unleashed is a music teaching resource featuring ready-to-teach lesson plans for iPad schools.


Developed from the ground-up for school districts that have invested in iOS technology for the classroom, iBand Unleashed equips both the student and teacher with teaching content and instruction.


This includes high quality video tutorials and other interactive content from our team of professional musicians. Written specifically from an end-performance perspective, iBand Unleashed empowers schools to create end-of-semester,

whole-class music performances using iPad devices.


Music lessons for

iPad schools

Freshnotes Music is an education focussed subsidiary of Store Van Music and works internationally in schools with students aged 4 - 18.


iBand Unleashed and its development is a direct result and response to demand from schools worldwide following the success of our 'iBand HD' YouTube video - you can view this video here:

Neil regularly travels to conferences, festivals and industry events to deliver TED-style keynotes and lectures about our work.


Below, you can view an interview with Neil regarding his education keynote from the AirWatch Connect conference last year.


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